My DeFi Pet is excited to form a strategic partnership with Faraland to expand our metaverse and ecosystem.

The two amazing worlds of My DeFi Pet and Faraland will collide for the first time, allowing the characters from both worlds to interact with each other! My DeFi Pet is a blockchain game that allows users to collect, breed and battle pets to earn rewards on both KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. Being a project incubated by KardiaChain and developed by TopeBox, one of the top game development companies in Vietnam with over 100 Million downloads, My DeFi Pet’s growth is…

My DeFi Pet — an NFT game invested by Animoca, recently won the championship in Binance Vietnam’s Super Blockathon, competing against other blockchain projects on Binance Smart Chain for a prize pool of $25,000. Securing this victory, sets the game on an International platform, propelling it’s growth even further. My DeFi Pet was selected to present at the DoraHacks and Binance Smart Chain SEA Hackathon.

Binance Smart Chain also gave an exclusive tweet to My DeFi Pet to show their support for our growth.

Bibox in Focus with My DeFi Pet

  1. Could you please introduce My DeFi Pet to our community in a jargon-free way?

Good question, My DeFi Pet, the meaning is actually very simple but has meaning and depth.

- My personalization

- Defi features integrated

- Pet raising game

Those are all factors converging into My Defi Pet

2. Could you please introduce your key team members to us?

Me of course :’)) , Tommy Le (COO Topebox)

Ell (CEO Topebox),

Tri Pham (CEO — Kardiachain),

Danh Ho (Chief Growth Officer Yeah1 )

Jerome (Co-founder & CBO EVG)

Wayne Lin (Founder@Axia8…

How to get used to this game (Basic)

  • Step 1: Upgrade your monster to increase its stats as well as increase your level by feeding them

Hannah: Hello Everyone!! Let’s start our AMA with the team!

Tommy : Hello Everyone!!

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Hello everyone

Hannah: Hello @TomiDpet!

Hannah: First, Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you get involved into Crypto? @TomiDpet

Tommy : I’m Tommy Le, COO of Topebox — My DEFI Pet development and operation. I used to be the operating leader of VNG which is the most famous game company in my country.

Hannah: Alright, Will you please introduce My DefiPet in Layman’s term to the Community?

Tommy : Good question, My Defi Pet the meaning is actually very…

My DeFi Pet rất vui mừng được hợp tác với một đối tác vững mạnh là Roseon Finance để cùng mở rộng hệ sinh thái DeFi và nền tảng NFT. Sự hợp tác này nhằm mục đích tích hợp cả hai token ROSN và DPET vào hệ sinh thái của nhau để mở rộng khả năng nuôi DeFi và NFT liên chuỗi. Đội ngũ My DeFi Pet rất mong đợi những thành quả tốt đẹp từ sự hợp tác này.

Roseon Finance là công ty tổng hợp lợi nhuận di động đa chuỗi đầu tiên, họ đã xây dựng nên…

My DeFi Pet is excited to onboard a strong partner, Roseon Finance to expand our DeFi and NFT ecosystems. The partnership aims to integrate both ROSN and DPET tokens on the ecosystem of each other to further expand the capability of cross-chain DeFi and NFT farming. We’re looking forward to this fruitful collaboration.

Roseon Finance is the first multi-chain mobile yield aggregator, building a hybrid solution with a combination of decentralized (DeFi) and centralized financial services (CeFi). …

Please add wechat ID @Astridgand to join Chinese groups.

Recently, NFT is very popular, and many NFT games have appeared one after another. When we first met “MY DEFI PET”, we found it very interesting. But what kind of project it is, today we are fortunate to invite Tommy Le, the co-founder of TopeBox, also the representative of MY DEFI PET, to the DD community.

  1. Then please Tommy to introduce yourself and the team, and the field you are familiar with, how do you think about NFT games?

Hello everyone. I’m Tommy Le , COO of Topebox — My DEFI…

Phần 1: Kết nối với Kai Wallet

Mua Pet ở trên web:

Bước 1: Click vào đường link dẫn dưới đây:

Bước 2: Sau khi vào được web, giao diện sẽ mở ra

Part 1: Connect to Kai Wallet

To buy Pet on website

Step 1: Click on the link below:

Step 2: After accessing the web, the interface will be as shown in image

My Defi Pet Official

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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