My DeFi Pet has grown tremendously and is well-known as one of the most successful GameFi projects on KardiaChain network and Binance Smart Chain. And with our player base growing larger than ever, we prefer to provide all new and current players with the best benefits possible both in-game and off-game senses. DPET Team is happy to announce that we have the solution through the partnership with the DEX platform Biswap to help all Pet Masters play the game and receive more benefits with passive crypto earnings.

Along with the gamification aspects, passive earning is one of the most fundamental…

The Crypto world is known as the fastest growing community with the amount of information that needs to be exchanged and updated non-stop every second 24/7. Understanding the market needs of Pet Masters, we realize that existing social networking platforms are not enough. Partnering with Blocksters with the desire to create a potentially futuristic platform for $DPET lovers.

Blockster’s full-featured with the BXR utility token for benefits and crypto community-centric platform is a guarantee for the most transparent financial medium, effective media exposure with value, and a fantastic source for stories, news, trends updates and opinions from experts in the…

My DeFi Pet have passed the audit from PeckShield. After effectively going through the most significant parts of the codebase, the review has been signed-off on August 10, 2021.

Full report:

Given the opportunity to review the design document and related smart contract source code of the My DeFi Pet protocol, PeckShield outlines in the report their systematic approach to evaluate potential security issues in the smart contract implementation, expose possible semantic inconsistencies between smart contract code and design document, and provide additional suggestions or recommendations for improvement. …

Dear our beloved Pet Masters,

During the Boss Fight event, we realized many problems in processing data on the blockchain, causing delays and affecting the users’ experience. Obviously, we don’t want to prolong this unsatisfactory experience for our users anymore.

Our genuine purpose is to provide an early P2E experience for users when NFT marketplace and battle are not still released. However, unforeseen circumstances had made it hard for users to enjoy. This is a valuable experience for us to learn and move on better than ever. …

Our team at My DeFi Pet and our patrons at KardiaChain believe that leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology to their full potential will take gaming experiences to a whole new height. Following the momentum we have created over the past few weeks, My DeFi Pet is enhancing its blockchain gaming experience by integrating oracle powerhouse Chainlink to access the VRF solution.

Chainlink VRF is a tamper-proof and verifiable random number generator (RNG), supplying smart contracts with an on-chain source of randomness that they can prove to their users is truly random. …


To win any battles, it is fundamental that you know the weaknesses of the enemy. After thousands of years of fighting the forces of darkness, our legendary Pet Masters collected some information about the mighty BOSSES and provide us with these inscriptions below on how to win against the force of evil.


- ABOUT BOSS: The boss has 100 levels, each boss level will appear 15 minutes after the previous boss is defeated or the time runs out. Pet Masters have 12 hours to defeat…

Topic: “My Defi Pet — Troubleshooting help & Boss fight sneak peek”

Notice: At the moment, every Pet Master can log in to the game and continue to play My Defi Pet. We will have EXP as compensation apart from Food and Silver, while you are playing. All the progress is being recorded. More info about further updates will be published soon.

Mira: Good evening My Defi Pet community, Let me talk about the current situation: Recently, the group of accounts was rolled back to lv1, which makes you guys annoyed a little bit. Therefore, a live AMA tonight with…


CoinEx is the most global digital currency exchange that provides exchange service for businesses and individual traders. Currently, the exchange supports multiple languages, such as: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic etc. and is providing global trading services in over 100 countries/regions.

NFT game My DeFi Pet a.k.a $DPET has reached tremendous success in the past few months as we became one of the most trending NFT games in the Asian region, reached many ATH milestones and caught the eyes of major crypto players and moved closer to Binance Exchange.

We would love to celebrate these stunning accomplishments with…

A contest is a competition to find and select potential faces across many countries to become ambassadors/ KOLs for DPET. These ambassadors/KOLs will be accompanied by DPET and become the faces of DPET in their respective countries.

General criteria:

  • All genders are welcomed: Female is charming but male can be more mature in gaming.
  • Appearance: Beauty is not the most important, but the value it brings is the most important.
  • Ability to speak in public and react quickly.
  • Have been experiencing the MDP game and have knowledge of crypto.

The contest has 4 rounds:

  • Round 1: Submit CV + Casting…

On July 22th, My DeFi Pet and Defi Racoons conducted an AMA (Ask Me Everything) session in the Defi Racoons Group Telegram group.

The event was hosted in Defi Racoons community telegram with Amy Nguyen, Bussiness Development Manager of My Defi Pet.

More amazing facts about MDP are publicly mentioned, such as: Our core team, main goal,… Besides that, some information about our project’s future, especially the upcoming “Boss fight event” had been discussed.


SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Please introduce yourself to the Raccoons! …

My Defi Pet Official

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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