How to breed Pet V2 in the new era?

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2 min readJun 24, 2022

Dear all Pet Masters,

The Pet V2 is here! And with the existence of Pet V2 in the world of My DeFi Pet, there are some slight changes in the game features and functionalities. And we are here to guide you through all the new changes.

Concerning Pet V1:

  • All Pets V1 are still tradable on the Agoran marketplace and can still be playable with normal functions.
  • You cannot buy more Pet V1 eggs or breed them. The smart contracts of the Pet V1 eggs buying and breeding features are now ceased to work and will be terminated.

Concerning Pet V2 Conversion:

When a Pet is converted to Pet V2, its stage remains the same as its V1 counterpart. Only its skin/appearance and stat are changed; its gene also remains the same.

Pet V2 egg price is 10 $DPET. And the first Pet V2 evolution process will cost 10 $DPET.

Pet V2 breeding process:

🌈Breeding limit: 7 times

After each breeding process, the price to breed each Pet will be increased and can be adjusted.

🌈The Parents’ Breed price will be determined by how many times the Pet was used for breeding in the following guide:

1st breed = 6 $DPET;

2nd breed = 7 $DPET;

3rd breed = 10 $DPET;

4th breed = 13 $DPET;

5th breed= 20 $DPET;

6th breed= 32 $DPET;

7th breed= 54 $DPET;

Ex: If a Pet Parents 1 is bred for the first time with a Pet Parents 2 bred the 3rd time, the Breed Price would be 6 $DPET + 10 $DPET = 16 $DPET.

FYI, all the Pets’ breed status quo are now reset, so happy breeding them to create new colorful and powerful Pets V2!

🌈The breeding time is also changed. See the following Index for more information:

🌈Pet V2 needed to be evolved before breeding.

We hope this is a huge help in taking you into the new world of My Defi Pet! New adventures await!

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