Dear Pet Masters,

With the recents hacks and exploits in different blockchain projects, our team has shifted our focus on ensuring the security of the project to protect all of our users and investors. Our successful audit reports from PerkShield and CertiK are the results of our determination. Additionally, our team has gone through rounds of testing to carefully improve security of our servers and remove bugs, making the platform more secure for our Pet Masters. As a result, there are minor changes on the roadmap timeline.

When we set out on our roadmap to release the NFT Pets marketplace in Q3 of 2021, we were determined to give our Pet masters the best value and opportunities in exchanging, bidding, staking, and more. This means the value of your pets is transferable via P2P or merchandised in exchange for your time and effort. With that being said, the in-game pets should establish their own unique values to make the market function. And they will have the chance to show their true nature, power, and value with the new Boss fight event just right around the corner. As things stand — and on the basis of the evidence users can see right now — our boss fight feature is released to create fundamental values for pets in advance.

We are striving to make the NFT marketplace more secure and better user experience by ensuring that the platform can perform in high-traffic situations. As per our records, the peak traffic number that caused a network crash reached 2 billion traffics and interactions; while daily active users are approximately 100,000. Impressive amount of support and enthusiasm requires impressive in-game functionality. Hence, we are building and testing the marketplace platform to be at the most stabilized condition and able to scale up to provide the best playing experience.

Our team has made a few adjustments to onboarding more users and gaining more adoption for the game. Therefore, we would like to announce our updated Roadmap starting from Q4 — October 2021:

1️⃣ New Boss Fight featuring the Elemental feature this weekend. The in-game currency Elixir will be treated as a redeem point for users to swap for DPET after the Boss Fight. (ratio)

2️⃣ The NFT marketplace will be live in early Q4/ 2021.

3️⃣ During middle and late Q4, we will introduce more gameplay features and interactions:

  • PvP Battle Mode for all users to test the strength of their pets against each other!
  • Story/Campaign mode: Dive deep into the story and lore of My DeFi Pet in the battle to save The Earth from evils!
  • Daily quests/tasks with rewards will be deployed to keep you engaged.
  • New skill sets add-in for your pets and social features in late Q4.
  • New pet species are coming soon to enrich My DeFi Pet’s world and Pet Masters’ collections.
  • Mobile version to be completed in early 2022

Thank you all for the patience and support 🤝




My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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My Defi Pet Official

My Defi Pet Official

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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