Hannah: Hello Everyone!! Let’s start our AMA with the team!

Tommy : Hello Everyone!!

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Hello everyone

Hannah: Hello @TomiDpet!

Hannah: First, Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you get involved into Crypto? @TomiDpet

Tommy : I’m Tommy Le, COO of Topebox — My DEFI Pet development and operation. I used to be the operating leader of VNG which is the most famous game company in my country.

Hannah: Alright, Will you please introduce My DefiPet in Layman’s term to the Community?

Tommy : Good question, My Defi Pet the meaning is actually very simple but has meaning and depth.

- My personalization

- Defi features integrated

- Pet raising game

Those are all factors converging into My Defi Pet

Hannah: Great 😊 that’s easy to understand. Now let’s move on to the question from our community members.

Question #1 from @Airdrop9878

how will you manage the project? has your project been completely decentralized? will there be any risk of centralization in the future?

Tommy : The game is currently in the final stages of completion. We will release it soon , expected time on May 14. The biggest difficulty of our team is thinking how to make the best user experience. We are trying on all platforms (Android, ios, h5 web game, …) and we’ll gather the best engineers to solve this problem . Stay tuned guys!!

Hannah: Everyone is excited for the game launch.

Question #2 from @mariannem5n

I saw a leaked picture of the game. It is so nice. And i am very much excited to play and earn dpet. So by feeding my pet it should be with DPET.? Will there be another token in the future to use for feeding as a potion like cheaper tokens as a potion?

Tommy : We are very happy that you like what My defi pet has. That is a great motivation for us to improve this product better.

Hannah: Indeed, community support is a very great motivation to all of us 😀

Question #3 from: @Etto20

What is the possibility of having a mobile application

whether this game can make money?

Tommy : Of course, this is a block chain game where users can trade with each other and market their pets according to the value of their pet.

Hannah: For our next question,

Question #4 from: @Serendipity

Is there any possibility that the cost of the egg from $100 after launching the game will increase? Is our DPET like NFT?

Tommy : For DPET information, please follow fanpage and group to follow details. On the launch date of the game, information will be clarified. Please be patient guys!

Hannah: Question #5, From: @chordsniper

Is it necessary to KYC in order to Farm on your platform? Another question is what sort of rewards are we expecting by farming DPET-ROSN? Would there be NFT rewards? If not, what would be the likely APY and what crypto would we be getting?

Tommy : You may see the normal farming parameter for DPET-ROSN pool. The fact is that DPET is not merely token, this token has concrete utility in game. Your farming can serve both purposes of earning and playing. For APY, let’s stay tuned to see our index tailored to specific time and purposes when launched 😄

Hannah: Question #6: from @Serendipity

1. Do we need to feed our pet? And does it cost us DPET token to feed them?

2. Does having a logo on their wings gives them special?

Tommy : We have to feed the pets before they can grow up. At a certain level, they will evolve and have strong stats. As for spending DPET money to feed them, you can either plant crops on the farm, or spend DPET buying them

Astrid: Awesome!

Hannah: This is very nice 😊 really excited to feed my pets

Tommy : Yeah !It is very rare to have Wings and a logo on the back. because animals with logos will be limited and will not appear in the future.

Hannah: Woooah Great ☺️ That’s everyone asking for. For our next question, Question #7: from @dylan

When can we expect the pets to display properly on the website with the correct assets?

Tommy : Our developer is working to improve this situation and will be notified soon.

Hannah: Next Question, Why NFT and Defi? Can you tell us more about the story of this idea?

Tommy : Very good question. NFT feature DEFI — In order to create an unlimited number of pets, where no one is the same, each has a different appearance and stats, and users can exchange them. With extremely high random animal rate, Based on the above information and up to 8 different species, it allows us to create more than 2 million creatures, full of variables that few games have ever allowed to do.

Hannah: Great features! I bet this one is easy to answer @TomiDpet , What is your roadmap in 2021?

Tommy : Haha. The roadmap of the game, we will open many events, and new features will be unlocked later (PVP, BOSS, Dungeon, …) We make this game for the sake of the community and users, so don’t hesitate to comment.

Hannah: Let’s have some moments with @Danie_thaole from Roseon Finance, Please introduce yourself and let us know you more 😀

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Hello Everyone! Hello My Defi Pet team!

I’m Danie, Marketing Manager of Roseon Finance. I have 5 year working experiences in tech companies, including gaming, fintech, etc.

I’d love to talk to you about our project and partnership, and how we bring value to everyone.

Hannah: We are all excited for the new partneship with Roseon Finance,

Please let’s shed more light on this exciting NFT field @Danie_thaole

Dannie Thao (Roseon): NFT has definitely found itself an excellent use case in Art and Collectibles, and has been the hottest topic along with DeFi. NFT has revolutionized in art and music industry.

We believe in long run, NFTs will replace traditional investments assets such as art, collectibles, and real-estate.

Hannah: @Danie_thaole, Can you please also answer this one?

What is your roadmap in 2021?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): As some of you know, our IDO will be on May 10. It’s a big day for us. We are working hard for that. You can follow our twitter and channel to see 😊

After IDO, we will do all of those things:

▶️ Obtain Crypto Licence

▶️ Official app launch

▶️ Integration with various chains

▶️ Provide users with numerous farming and staking options

▶️ Grow and extend the ecosystem

▶️ Partnerships with partners where synergies

Hannah: Very exciting time ahead for Roseon Finance 😀. Will you please enlighten us with this question. @Danie_thaole Why NFT and Defi? Can you tell us more about the story of this idea?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): First, let’s me introduce to you about NFT in our app.

Basically, Roseon Finance is offering artists a simple way to showcase and manage all of their NFT creations. With Roseon’s NFT gallery, artists can share their entire portfolio with their fans. There’s also a marketplace where artists can show their highest selling items and allow interested parties to make bids.

Why it should be NFT and DeFi? Story of this idea?

As I mentioned, NFT has definitely found itself an excellent use case in Art and Collectibles, and has been the hottest topic along with DeFi.

Actually, from the beginning we started to try to be a wallet. Gradually, we realized there were a number of ways to enhance our app and help our users maximize yield on their crypto assets with DeFi. That is when we came up with this idea, making our wallet smarter and added DeFi features such as farming, staking and earning.

Hannah: Very nice answer,

Next question for @Danie_thaole

Can you explain how Roseon Finance works for those who are not aware yet?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Roseon Finance aims in the medium to long term future to bridge decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized swap services (CeFi), also known asl “CeDeFi”. Acting as a gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile, the multi-chain yield aggregator app that integrates with various centralized and decentralised services. Available on Android (iOS version will be released soon), Roseon Mobile was built to help bring new users to crypto and DeFi with its customer-centric design.

Hannah: Alright, this is the Last question from the community for @TomiDpet and @Danie_thaole

How will this partnership help the growth of DPET in the long term?

Tommy : With the cooperation of the two I believe that My Defi Pet will hold great promise for the blockchain gaming market. My DeFi Pet is excited to onboard a strong partner, Roseon Finance to expand our DeFi and NFT ecosystems. The partnership aims to integrate both ROSN and DPET tokens on the ecosystem of each other to further expand the capability of cross-chain DeFi and NFT farming. We’re looking forward to this fruitful collaboration.

Dannie Thao (Roseon): For us, My DeFi Pet is a new type of investment opportunity and we are proud to be part of it.

Tommy : With the shared location in one of the most active country in crypto industry Vietnam, Roseon and My Defi Pet will take advantage of it and will collaborate at our mutual strength.”

Hannah: We are also proud and grateful for the partnership 😀

Tommy : Actually Kardia Ventures invested in Roseon, KAI VC is investment arm of KardiaChain, who fully incubates My Defi Pet

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Thanks so much for your support 😊

Hannah: Now the chat is open for questions,

Everyone can ask @TomiDpet and @Danie_thaole

Community Member: Hello. Can we stake also our DPET on roseon?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Of course. With Roseon Finance, assets from My DeFi Pets can be easily stored, sent and organized. You can keep track of all your monsters, trade them easily or farm your DPET tokens for more NFTs.

Community Member: Hi tommy, how are you? My question: are the pets in the game are NFTs

Tommy : Yes, This is what makes the game different and unique compared to other games of the same type. The variety of species will create a huge exchange for users to exchange with each other.

Community Member: What are the benefits of holding roseon coin?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): The Roseon Token is the utility token of the Roseon ecosystem that allows users who have registered an account with Roseon to participate in loyalty and rewards programs. The token offers three main types of benefits:

- Access to all of the ecosystem services;

- Discounts on the Roseon platform fees;

- Tiered loyalty rewards.

Community Member: @TomiDpet are there ways to play without investing in dpet?

Tommy : yeah, you can experience the gameplay at first to consider whether you like My Defi Pet or not, then investing in DPET is also a way. You guys can ask me anything about the gameplay tho!

Community Member: We will need dpet into the gameplay besides buying pets/eggs?

Tommy : This is a blockchain game pal, there will be certain experiences, but if you want to go further in the game, of course investing DPET is the best way.

Community Member: But, just in case, we can only buy dpet for Kardia in Nami yet, right?

Astrid: Nami, Chainswap, Uniswap, Pancake swap, Bilaxy

Community Member: Thanks danie, also will the app be available for dpet staking immediately after listing on 10mAy?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): Not yet. We are working hard to launch our app. Hopefully by mid-Jun.

Anyway, you can join our channel to get the latest info:

Community Member: Also I want to just store my pets in my cold wallet can I just trf mdp to my cold wallet just like any other coins?

Tommy : Technically yes

Community Member: In the launching, all the gameplays will be implemented? Pvp? Breeding? Quest? Or still limited to collecting and building barns or planting? How many pets do we need in doing a quest or pvp?

Tommy : More information will be clarified on May 14th. Stay tuned guys !! Of course there will be almost all the main features — Farming — Breeding — Collecting, …..

Community Member: @TomiDpet can you tell us more about evolution/breeding in the game? can we breed a tigra and a venom, for example?

Tommy : These upcoming features will be reminded again and post more specific information, follow the fanpage group to know the situation.

Community Member: Where can we avail roseon token?

Dannie Thao (Roseon): We are going to have our IDO on May 10. You must be Yellow Road whitelist or BSCPad whitelist.

Anyway, we have a lot of opportunities for user to get token. Feel free to join our channel: Telegram (

Hannah: Thank you so much My DefiPet Community for all your questions 😀

Thank you for your time @LuziDpet, @TomiDpet @AstridnDAG.

It’s an honor to have you here @Danie_thaole, Thank you for your time

Tommy : Thank you everyone, I hope you all support and look forward to the official release of My Defi Pet on May 14.

Hannah: Let us all support Roseon Finance, please join Roseon group:

Telegram (

Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance is a multichain mobile first yield aggregator + NFT.

Dannie Thao (Roseon): We will be good partners

End of AMA




My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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My Defi Pet Official

My Defi Pet Official

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.

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