My Defi Pet-Tutorial: How to play

How to get used to this game (Basic)

  • Step 1: Upgrade your monster to increase its stats as well as increase your level by feeding them
Feed your pet to increase the level
  • Step 2: Each time for a second, these cages will help you earn money for each pet you have. In Defi Pet, anything is possible, in this game we have a diverse cage system:

With each level that gives you a random open new system and there are still many more features to be opened later:

Coming soon

Happy Forest: At here you can cross two different pet breeds to create a new species. And many more features will be opened later ( Battle, storage,…). Stay tuned!

  • Step 3: To raise pets we need to grow fruits and fruits and harvest them on the farm field

Step 4: Of course we need to breed and create more diverse new species of organisms at Happy Forest. Let 2 different pet breeds pair to create a new breed. Wait until they lay eggs. And then you have a new hybrid creature

  • Step 5: This is your new monster, breed newly bred creatures, and keep breeding them to create more interesting creatures. When you have an egg, tap it to open your new pet.
  • Step 6: Breed requires: Pet must evolve to breed. After the pet reaches level 10 it will evolve. The Specialty of Evolution: Change in appearance (larger, more body parts develop, skin color, …) , upgrade Skill — stats
  • Step 7: If you don’t know what to do next, go to Quest to explore more missions. You will have all the answers. (Collect, Upgrade, Task,..)
  • And many more features will be opened later ( Battle, storage,…). Stay tuned!

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.