A contest is a competition to find and select potential faces across many countries to become ambassadors/ KOLs for DPET. These ambassadors/KOLs will be accompanied by DPET and become the faces of DPET in their respective countries.

General criteria:

  • All genders are welcomed: Female is charming but male can be more mature in gaming.
  • Appearance: Beauty is not the most important, but the value it brings is the most important.
  • Ability to speak in public and react quickly.
  • Have been experiencing the MDP game and have knowledge of crypto.

The contest has 4 rounds:

  • Round 1: Submit CV + Casting. In the selection round, MDP team will select candidates who match the contest criteria, besides based on the number of votes on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram…) with hashtag #DPET.
  • Round 2: Q&A with the community. We will challenge you to evaluate your impact on the community. For example, the challenge of posting a video on a profile to promote DPET to the community.
  • Round 3: Round 3: Livestream playing MDP games. You will livestream the MDP game and interact with the viewers. The score will be based on community engagement and reviews. Round 3 is scored by 50% from the MDP team and 50% from the community.
  • Round 4: Crypto Knowledge. Please show your comprehend of NFT as well as the current trend in crypto. Especially to apply that knowledge to the DPET game.

After finding King and Queen for each local, they will enter a competition with other Kings and Queens around the world!


  • DPET token worth up to 400$ for each of local
  • Accompanying the DPET team in the near future with certain benefits.
  • The opportunity to put your creative products on NFT platforms
  • Being the representative to participate in the global King and Queen contest.

Round 1 has officially begun. Please fill up the form below to register now

If you’re global (not in any mentioned specific local) please fill here:


Việt Nam:







Registration deadline: August 16th, 2021

The results of round 1 will be announced on August 17th, 2021, on all official channels of MDP.