Dear Pet Masters,

After rebuilding the BOSSFIGHT feature for a week, the team got several favorable feedback as well as suggestions to improve the gameplay and experience. We are extremely concerned with your pleasure, thus we appreciate your feedback. We always listen and respect all of feedback and contributions from the community to develop more and more.

The new build will be updated today with some valid adjustments.

Here’s the changelog for the new build today:

I. Mini event: Food Frenzy — x2 food and user’s exp when harvesting plants. Banner will be displayed on web.

II. Recover the level of the pets which was rolled back when you place them in the Pet Hotel (in the previous version).

III. Update world boss:

1. New Sign-up mechanic: Now you can sign up for both current round and next round... Details:

- If you sign up your pet when the round is not started (the “Sign Up Now” phase), your pet will be placed in the current round.

- If you sign up your pet when the round is happening (when the pets are attacking the boss), your pet will be placed in the next round.

- Pet will NOT be locked if the boss leaves of dies before it appears in the boss battle. In case the pet appears in the battle but gets hit and dies before dealing damage, it will still be locked.

2. Balancing:

- Reduce time Lock Pet: from 8 days to 5 days

- Remove the limit Elixir earned from Damage Dealt. NO MORE LIMIT!

- Update the mechanic of Damage Dealt exchange into Elixir.

- For the first 50 Elixir (1–50): 1000 damages = 1 Elixir

- For the next 50 Elixir (51–100): 1500 damages = 1 Elixir

- For the rest number of Elixir (101 and above): 2000 damages = 1 Elixir

- Balance the number of bosses that appear per day = 2 (old = 3). Appeared at: 9AM & 7PM (GMT+7) daily.

- Balance the number of bosses for the whole event = 60 (old = 100). This is to shorten the time of the whole event (old = 33 days, new = 23 days), so you can get the rewards sooner. Although the number of total bosses has decreased, the total prize pool remains the same.

- Victory reward: increase the victory reward for those who send pets to kill the boss. (old = 1, new: rescale from 1 to 4, depend on boss level)

- Last hit reward: increase the last hit reward for the rest of the bosses (total prize pool for last hit reward remains the same)

- Reduce the food requirement when you sign up pets into the battle. (for pets level 20, require 20,000 foods)

- Reduce the food requirement when you level up pets.

- Reduce “Sign Up Now” countdown from 10 mins to 7 mins.

- Reduce “Strategy Time” countdown from 2 mins to 30 seconds.

- Boss in KAI chain: Decrease 60% HP

- Related to Elixir earned from Damage Dealt: if you don’t claim the Elixir which you earned on the current day, the system will auto claim your Elixir the next day.

3. Improvements:

- Display Boss Status and countdown in the World Boss icon on the left banner.

“APPEARED”: Boss is alive.

- In-countdown: countdown the time boss will be appeared.

- Add the option to turn on/off sound in the battle (sound icon will appear in top left corner)

- Display your pet’s order in Pet Legions.

- Display the “Next Round” tab in Pet Legions. Show list of the pets will be joined in the next round.

- Highlight your pet in the Pet Legions.

- Display the estimated time when your pet joins the boss arena.

- Highlight the number of remaining pets in the battle. So you will clearly know when the round ends.

Display pet’s level in the Sign-Up UI.

- “Next round” phase, changed into “Strategy time” phase.

- “Sign Up Now” phase, changed into “Sign Up For Current Round” phase.

4. Fix bug:

- Fix pet hotel bug.

- Fix bug: Display the wrong phase when switching tab or refresh the game.

- Fix bug: always display top 1 in the top damage leaderboard for the users that deal no damage to the boss.

There are still many other features in development and coming soon: PVP, Marketplace,…

Hope you guys will enjoy the game

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