AMA with DD community on Wechat!

  1. Then please Tommy to introduce yourself and the team, and the field you are familiar with, how do you think about NFT games?
  • DEX listing
  • Open Collect feature for the game (use 1 DPET to exchange for 1 Pet NFT)
  • NFT Farming (stake DPET for 30 days and get Pet NFTs as rewards)
  • Season 1 of the game event starts with $100k prize
  • More partnerships, especially in Binance Smart Chain, KardiaChain’s and Kardia Ventures ecosystem with prioritized use cases in game and entertainment sectors, NFT market place
  • Bug bounty
  • Game Hackathon
  • Create and manage more game forums on Discord, Slack, Reddit, Bitcointalk, … local and global forum
  • Event Eggs: special eggs with special conditions to acquire, for example staking KAI collects eggs
  • More Youtubers and local communities, as well as Twitter KOLs, China KOLs and AMA, interview
  • Integration: With Defi, you have functions to expand your playground such as staking, farming, play to earn, it has a lot to offer!
  • Without assimilation: You are the master of your own pets, each pet has your own identity, your pets have your nature and personality. As the slogan of My Defi Pet “A lifestyle based pet game on blockchain”



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My Defi Pet Official

My Defi Pet Official

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.