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Recently, NFT is very popular, and many NFT games have appeared one after another. When we first met “MY DEFI PET”, we found it very interesting. But what kind of project it is, today we are fortunate to invite Tommy Le, the co-founder of TopeBox, also the representative of MY DEFI PET, to the DD community.

  1. Then please Tommy to introduce yourself and the team, and the field you are familiar with, how do you think about NFT games?

Hello everyone. I’m Tommy Le , COO of Topebox — My DEFI Pet development and operation, partner of KardiaChain.

More about me, I used to be the operating leader of VNG which is the most famous game company in my country

For the hot NFT series in the market, it will be a challenge for our team to satisfy users. But it’s okay, we are ready to make a good game for you guys

2. Then we hope to focus on “MY DEFI PET”. Can you briefly introduce the game and background?

DPET is a game that brings the experience of a traditional virtual pet game that is very popular and familiar to the gaming community. But DPET’s difference to other self-games of the same theme is :

With extremely high random animal rate, Based on the above information and up to 8 different species, it allows us to create more than 2 million creatures, full of variables that few games have ever allowed to do. This is what makes the game different and unique compared to other games of the same type

The variety of species will create a huge exchange for users to exchange with each other

Fact: DPET was inspired by Pokemon Go

3. Maybe community users are not familiar with TopeBox, can you introduce this development team to us?

Topebox is a Star-up company with more than 50 members.

Me and Cell (CEO) founded the company 10 years ago. We were former leaders and managers of VNG — a big and famous game company in my country.

Topebox’s achievements:

Sky Dancer Run in partnership with Tiktok (Top 1 download US and China market)

Politaire — Game of the year in 2016 by Apple

Collaborate with Achero’s creator

4. In the introduction, we saw that “MY DEFI PET” was also combined with the Kardiachain team. What kind of considerations are based on such cooperation?

KAI is a public chain top 1 in Vietnam and Southeast Asia (fact), so DPET chose to build on KAI

- KAI well-connected with traditional business, which specializes in blockchain solutions for businesses, toward mass adoption

- KAI has outstanding tech advantages: 6000 TPS, 5s confirmation time, 10,000–100,000 times cheaper than ETH, fully interoperable and non-invasive cross-chain platform

- KAI has built Dual Node with BSC, which helps blockchains on different platforms to communicate with each other

- The BSC is the hype trend, with good adoption, helping the expanding ecosystem

All of these factors, we are confident that the combination of Topebox and KardiaChain promises to make DPET a successful game.

5. With the competition of the field which it is so fierce. Is there any way for “MY DEFI PET” to stand out and attract more users and players?

With extremely high random animal rate, Based on the above information and up to 8 different species, it allows us to create more than 2 million creatures, full of variables that few games have ever allowed to do. This is what makes the game different and unique compared to other games of the same type

The variety of species will create a huge exchange for users to exchange with each other

All other projects have their own strengths and personalities. What is different is that the game offers a great value for long-term investment and community building

we’ll create this game for the community so we always listen to suggestions and contributions to make the game more developed,

6. So we know that this is a long-term game project. Active players have a chance to get “DPET” token. What kind of way can I get more DPET?

Haha you already had answer in your questions. Active players have a chance to get “DPET” token. Collect, Breed, Buy, join Special events or Hackathon to win more DPET in rewards. We encourage people to contribute and will educate community members to play the game, rather than just buy and sell in the market. Apart from actively playing, users can join contribution activities such as Bug seeking, being an ambassador. If you are able to make graphics, let’s design the cute pets of your own and apply, we will consider to develop that pet too. We have a tool for that as well.

7. MY DEFI PET is about to IDO at Kickpad. Could you please tell us about the relevant information and how the community can participate?

Let me correct it abit, it’s not only KickPad. We are doing IDO in more than one platform. Please check the details here: 3 HOURS TO GO!!! 🔥🔥🔥

2PM UTC 27th April on KickPad and ZENDIT — Mantra Dao.

Exclusively For Vietnam Community:

2PM UTC 27th April VNDC Wallet Pro and NAMI Exchange

More information:

Expected Listing time:

After 4PM UTC on 3 platforms: Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Nami Exchange.

— -

⚡️⚡️⚡️ DPET Token Contract Address

Binance Smart Chain BEP20

Ethereum ERC20

KardiaChain KRC20

Please find the final token metrics as above for your reference.

8. How is the current market planning of MY DEFI PET proceeding? Especially the Chinese market?

We have concrete plans for marketing.

Here is the tentative news pipeline:

  • DEX listing
  • Open Collect feature for the game (use 1 DPET to exchange for 1 Pet NFT)
  • NFT Farming (stake DPET for 30 days and get Pet NFTs as rewards)
  • Season 1 of the game event starts with $100k prize
  • More partnerships, especially in Binance Smart Chain, KardiaChain’s and Kardia Ventures ecosystem with prioritized use cases in game and entertainment sectors, NFT market place
  • Bug bounty
  • Game Hackathon
  • Create and manage more game forums on Discord, Slack, Reddit, Bitcointalk, … local and global forum
  • Event Eggs: special eggs with special conditions to acquire, for example staking KAI collects eggs
  • More Youtubers and local communities, as well as Twitter KOLs, China KOLs and AMA, interview

Specifically, we have a lot of partners in the Chinese market as well as backed by premium Chinese VCs such as Consensus Labs, DFG, Spark Digital, … OKEx BlockDream Ventures also got in, promising very potential help in the coming time. I can say that Axia8 Ventures and Animoca give us a huge support in the strategy and resources since the first call. Mr. Wayne founder of Axia8 is also on our advisory board.

China is very important for My Defi Pet. You will see more groups, news outlets and communities talking about us soon. One thing for sure, we will educate more with regard to how to play the game and make fun of it, rather than just educating how to buy and sell in the market. We have good game, game is for people to play, why not spending effort to play the game and enjoy it yourselves while you can still earn in this free-to-play NFT game. The exchange, the exposure and almost everything is in China. We found that Chinese people are very fond of playing Pokemon and game in general.

9. What are the current progress of “MY DEFI PET” and the problems encountered? How to solve with plans?

The game is currently in the final stages of completion. We will release it soon , expected time on May 14.

The biggest difficulty of our team is thinking how to make the best user experience.

We are trying on all platforms (Android, ios, h5 web game, …)

We will gather the best engineers to solve this problem.

10. Finally, please predict the prospect of the NFT game project and the advantages of combining with DEFI?

This question is so cool!

My answer is: The combination between Defi and NFT is “Integration without assimilation”.

  • Integration: With Defi, you have functions to expand your playground such as staking, farming, play to earn, it has a lot to offer!
  • Without assimilation: You are the master of your own pets, each pet has your own identity, your pets have your nature and personality. As the slogan of My Defi Pet “A lifestyle based pet game on blockchain”

Thank you!

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.